News articles about this drug are being written again and again with ‘Bath Salts’ boldly in the headlines. With the term ‘bath salts’ being thrown around so much, there seems to be confusion surrounding the difference between what are real bath salts and what are drugs. We would like to stress that based on our knowledge and research, the substances being sold as bath salts that induce drug like behavior are not actually ‘bath salts’ at all. Fake drug related ‘bath salts’ do not even contain Sea Salt (Sodium Chloride), Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate), or any combination of those two, which are generally staple ingredients of a typical and true bath salt. What seems to be happening is that some companies are making designer chemicals to create a drug that is then simply labeled as a 'bath salt' to get it into stores that sell drug paraphernalia and other related products, essentially drugs merely being labeled as ‘bath salts’. Real bath salts are safe to use and recreate all the natural qualities found in the ocean. By adding them to you bath you are not using an illegal or harmful drug. To set the record straight and put all the (real) bath salt enthusiasts mind’s at ease, Bulk Salts Bath and Body has and will always only use premium quality sea salt, fragrance/essential oils and other worthy ingredients in their products. We do not not use any illegal substances in any of our bath salts or other bath and body products.
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