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Ancient Ocean Himalayan Pink Salt - 5lbs

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5lb Bag of Himalayan Pink Salt
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Ancient Ocean Himalayan Pink Salt - 5lbs (Choose from 7 Grain Sizes)


Ancient Ocean Himalayan Salt is a full-flavored, all-natural mineral salt harvested from ancient sea salt deposits found deep in the Himalayan Mountains. The famous range of trace minerals found in this salt, such as iron, magnesium, potassium & calcium, results in its beautiful range of colors, from white to varying shades of pink & red. Our precise sizing capabilities and our proprietary quality processes, Ancient Ocean Himalayan Salt products are unrivaled in purity & value. 

 To deliver the highest quality Himalayan pink salt on the market, all of our Himalayan salt is carefully sourced from FDA-registered suppliers, guaranteed authentic and ethically mined. After arrival at Our state-of-the-art facility, Ancient Ocean Himalayan Salt is run through a gamut of proprietary quality assurance processes, including our Optically Clean technology, to promise its beauty & safety by removing any unwanted debris, color sorting, and precisely sizing the grains, ensuring ease of use in any bulk application. These exclusive innovations guarantee its readiness for food processing, manufacturing, food service or repack, while carefully preserving its prized mineral content and protecting the unique characteristics of each grain. Ancient Ocean Himalayan Salt is never heated or refined; there are no additives of any kind, simply the highest quality & most delicious unadulterated Himalayan pink salt possible. Wholesale Ancient Ocean is produced in the widest range of carefully screened grain sizes & packaging options available to fit every bulk application.


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