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Epsom Salt: 5lbs

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Epsom Salt: 5lbs
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Our Epsom Salt is the highest quality, USP grade Epsom salt available. 
Magnesium sulfate is known for its exceptional therapeutic value and purity. 
Highly sought-after by consumers, great for Epsom salt private label projects 
and packaged product for the grocery and drug store shelf. Available in 
multiple size options, bulk sizes also offer manufacturers the ability to 
customize the look and feel of their products by utilizing these unique selections. 

Packaging: Packaged in Industrial bags / pouches depending on size purchased.

INGREDIENTS: Magnesium Sulfate

APPEARANCE: Translucent to white granular crystals

APPLICATIONS: This salt is intended for use in home and
commercial personal care applications. Not for human
consumption. This salt is recommended for external use only.

SHELF LIFE: Minimum 10 years from production date.

ALLERGENS: This salt does not contain any known allergens 
or specific components, and is suitable for the following diets: 
Vegetarian, Vegan, Lactose Free, & Gluten Free. Salt does not contain melamine. 

GMO DECLARATION: This salt is not genetically modified nor 
does it contain genetically modified organisms (GMO) or their 
derivatives and genetic engineering is not applied during the production process.

Certified Authentic
Kosher Certified
All Natural

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