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Bath Bombs DIY Kit: Gentle Rose

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Gentle Rose Bath Bombs Kit
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Indulge in a bath filled with silky oils, refreshing scents and vibrant colors when you create your very own bath bomb with the D.I.Y. Gentle Rose Bath Bomb kit! Learn to use simple ingredients that bring the ultimate skin care benefits to your bath as you create and customize your own bath bomb. Submerge your bath bomb into your warm water and watch it fizz and bubble to release all your skin care essentials. Get creative as you design colorful patterns using mica powders. Include as much of the essential oils as you would like to bring out relaxing fragrances for the ultimate spa experience. Great for d.i.y. beginners. Recommended for ages 14 and up.

Gentle Rose Bath Bombs Kit:

  • Create and customize one-of-a-kind bath bombs and enjoy the ultimate spa-like experience at home
  • Fill your mold with skin care essentials and experience the many skin care benefits once they are released
  • Submerge bath bombs into your bath water and watch them release oils and scents for rejuvenating skin
  • Design each bath bomb with color patterns using colorful mica powders, dried flowers and sparkling body glitter
  • Caution: May not air-freight well, Pick Up Today Suggested
  • Kit Includes: 2 Bath Bomb Molds, 1 Baking Soda packet, 1 Bath Bomb Mixture Packet, 3 Packets of Mica Powder, 3 Essential Oil Droppers, Body Glitter, Dried Flowers, Coconut Oil, Easy-to-Follow Instructions 
  • Age Range: 14 years & up

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